Born and raised in the suburbs of Ontario, Canada, Sneha Varma grew up in an entrepreneurial family.

Her father, an international business man of Indo-Mauritian decent operated his own company in the hospitality industry while her French-Canadian mother cared for Sneha and her two sisters on the home front.

Sneha’s passion for fashion and accessories stemmed from a young age.  Her mother was the seamstress of the family, and would sew and make all of her own clothing, as well as for her daughters, in an effort to save money. Naturally, she taught her daughters about fabrics and the importance of quality, well-tailored clothing. Sneha still recalls countless trips to the local fabric store with her mom and sisters, where she would sift through the various pattern books, imagining how she would put her own unique touch on the designs.  Whether it was “DIY’ing” denim shorts by doodling designs with a sharpie and fraying the hems or creating simple tanks with decals created from scratch, creating was Sneha’s authentic passion throughout her childhood.`

Years later, Sneha went on to attend the University of Toronto with a concentration in Economics and eventually became a professional trained accountant. However, the connection to fashion, in particular accessories, never left her side. It was only during her second maternity leave that she decided to follow her heart, following the entrepreneurial steps of her father in combination with the creative passion displayed by her mother, and express her own point of view through her very own accessories label.  Thus the SNEHA | VARMA brand was born.


Style is an individual choice.  But it is most beautiful when the wearer demonstrates an effortless appeal; an appeal that transcends into a coolness and confidence that is as unique as she is.  Our collections are heavily inspired by these self-assured style makers of the world.  Never boastful, never loud – our handbags make a statement in an understated way.

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